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Periodic table Science face mask

Periodic table Science face mask

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Hey Rob: I worked for 41 years for a union. Best decision I ever made. I paid into social security just like you. I also paid into Tier II of Social Security. As union members, we had negotiations every 3 years. My first 12 years, we bargained for cost of living increases quarterly. They must not have expected the COL to go up so much…but the result was 12% wage increases each year for 3 years-36%. Aside from Social Security, they offered pension-calculated based upon your years of service and your age when you retire. The amt credited per year was a decision made at International Conventions by delegates from all over the U.S. & Canada. Negotiations also got us a 3rd pension grandfathered in 5 yrs prior to that settlement…about 20 years into my career. So that’s 3 pensions. If you could afford it, 401(k) was offered. As a single mom, I couldn’t, so no 401(k) for me. Healthcare: Also negotiated via contracts, for the first 35 years of my employment, I paid nothing for healthcare, prescriptions, vision or dental. When healthcare costs started rising sharply, the union formed their own Anthem plan & slowly got local unions & their members to negotiate to join us. The higher the volume, the lower the cost. The result? $200.00 out of pocket per year, $20 for office visits. My coverage extended to my husband & 2 kids until they were 26. I have a death benefit-if I died while employed, 150% of my salary to my beneficiary. If I retired then died, it dropped to 50%. I paid COBRA for my son’s healthcare for 3 years beyond his leaving college. I was divorced by then & after that 3 years, my 25 year old son died instantly in an accident. My daughter in college moved back home as we struggled through the next 5 years. I’m also a cancer survivor, so that healthcare covered chemotherapy, multiple $3,000 injections, multiple surgeries and medications for 5 yrs beyond that.