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‘I’m sorry for their loss. We’re doing everything we can to identify those responsible and try to bring them to justice.’

Tests are carried out at the scene by forensic officers after an 18-year-old died

Police equipment litters the tarmac in the middle of a road in Leyton, east London Personalized I’m a majestic unicorn trapped in a gamers body 3D Hoodie

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, described how one of the men involved in the alleged altercation was punched in the face before he grabbed a jacket and fled. The man was thought to have ordered a taxi before deciding to run across rooftops at around 5.20pm.

Reiss Chaudhry said his nephew died in his mother’s arms.

School friends who laid flowers for the teenager said he was a kind-hearted and bubbly person who was good at everything.

He was studying law in his first year at SOAS University in London after attending Leyton School secondary school. Speaking at the scene, his uncle Mr Choudhry said: ‘He was just trying to protect his mum. He was a good boy and such a lovely boy.

‘His mum was badly cut across her hand and his brother was hurt too and they are both still in surgery. He was stabbed in the neck and he died laying in his mother’s lap.’

Flowers have been lined up outside the teenager’s terraced home since Thursday.

One 19-year-old woman said: ‘He was very bubbly, very kind-hearted and a big family man. He cared a lot about his family. He had a great aura about him.’

Another woman, also 19, said: ‘He was lovely, funny, caring, and good at everything. He had a great personality. He was studying law at university in his first year.’

According to neighbours, Hussain’s father owns a property business. A 35-year-old man, who did not wish to be named, tried to save Hussain after he fell to the ground.

In a statement about the killing, the local mosque named the victim as part of the Chaudhry family. Pictured, the scene Wednesday night




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