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Pew Pew Madafakas Dachshund shirt, tank top, hoodie

Pew Pew Madafakas Dachshund Hoodie

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Businesses, organizations, celebrities, and influencers are finally making it their business to stand up for justice while in the past they stayed quiet. It’s about time and it’s finally making a difference. I believe 100% in what you say Rick. Please keep speaking your truth. I keep on travelin’ because of your many perspectives on many topics that inspire me. I do wish that it could be safer for women to travel alone, but that has always been a problem. Be safe and keep doing all you can to help educate people. You are doing great! I have been a fan of your programs from such a long time. I loved how you respected and appreciated other people’s cultures. I remember when you want to Portugal and I vowed that one day I would go. And in 2017 I finally did. So thank you Rick Steves for inspiring us.
Happy travels and be safe. Rick, you are truly an inspiration and one of the finest humans around. Keep up the great work, keep on traveling, and keep on informing people of the relationship between travel and politics. I so appreciate the work you do Rick. It is a calling. My husband and I have travelled Europe because of the confidence you gave us. We have brought those positive and loving experiences home and shared them with others. Thank you for the lives you have changed. We have loved all 5 of your tours that we’ve been on, and it is refreshing to hear the candid opinions of your guides, especially on local politics. Thank you Rick for keeping us travellers on the right foot. Just a drop in the sea of comments here, but Rick Steves, religious or not, you embody the light of Christ better than many folks that I know. Not to deify you, but your genuine care and love for the journey that peoples, cultures, and respect for time and history is something we should all have as an aspiration. Thank you for you.