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Our and the nation’s suffering for Trump’s failures is just beginning. We have sacrificed half a year, $3 trillion of our treasure and 160,000 lives. Squandered by one man’s and one party’s incompetence. Not just incompetence, but incompetence in the misguided pursuit of his ahd their personal interests over the needs of the nation he leads. That’s who you support, moron. thanks for the condescending comments about my intelligence. Nothing like a educated person responding to my posts. (Sarcastic tone implied) The flex is from a shirt she is so proud of that says in Kelly we trust. She is very self important much like her followers.
What she needs to do is step back and open us up. Our state is not even in the op 40.for death count. Not to mention she is doing all this for Have you not heard of suicide pacts and teens committing suicide in groups? I sure have. It may not be the majority of suicides, but neither are the COVID-19 cases a majority of children/teens. We’re about to find out with a “social experiment” that could be a bigger boondoggle than Brownbacks tax exemption social experiment. And this time lives are at stake and we’ll find out before election day. sorry to hear about your experience. I hope your son recovers. Everything I’ve read and watched transmission is far less likely than they thought. There is so much to consider with this pandemic. As top health professionals are now claiming this is public health (covid) vs public health (mental health). Kids and teens are least susceptible to covid but most susceptible to suicide. All aspects need to be considered. Just as one death from covid is tragic, one teen suicide is tragic.