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Just got off the phone with Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage and got some great direct information. They are calculating a 5 day incubation period on average, so a party 2 weeks prior appears not the be the place of infection. But we Will never know because there are so many a symptomatic people we are surrounded by. the party was about 2 weeks before he got sick and died. Which is about right for the average timing of this virus. And at least one person with the virus was at the party. So chances are pretty good he got it from being at the party. No. did you read? I’m asking for resources and asking for information from professionals. I also called Eisenhower Hospital directly about incubation time I need information to assess my work environment. That’s why I asked if anyone had more information. If you read my question, you would have understood that I am simply looking for info. in that case why 14 days isolation? It appears where people are dying with C19 it’s circa14 days from when they think they’ve been infected. It doesn’t kill straight away, don’t ya know. why are you so bent on it not being caught at the party? He started feeling symptoms about a week after the party but wasn’t feeling sick enough to go to hospital until a week after that. Then he died a couple days after going to the hospital. So the timing does work. Yes I did read that and I read a few other stories of this report and none noted the date of the party. That is the information I was looking for and hoping someone knew where I could find in. I address these questions often in my line of work and there with professional experience outside of the media that are better equipped to answer the questions. I always like to hear what they may be. Unless I missed the few articles, I did not see the date of the party on any of the articles. That was my question. Simple one but I don’t think anyone read my question and understood.