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No matter what anybody says, remember that your Voters are behind you still President Trump. The peaceful rally in D.C. showed that. Soon as the darkness came, a group of them were attacked from behind by the evildoers. There is no outcry from the msm. The apathy from the left is glaring-this is why you have to keep your light burning with God’s help!

  • This is exactly why the swamp must be exposed. Every single dirty finger involved. Exposed, and prosecuted in Federal Prison. I’m all for building more of those, we are going to need them. I hope some people go to prison over this, but I’m not holding my breath. Biden and son should have already been in jail.
  • This election corruption cannot be tolerated or we are no longer a democracy! It’s no longer about red or blue but about preserving the institution of free and fair elections! Just as many Republican swamp dwellers as there are democratic ones. Their softball reactions should be considered treasonous.
  • Brian Kemp there comes a point when every American must ask himself this question, do I stand for those who stood before me and paid the ultimate sacrifice and cannot be here now or do I ignore their sacrifice and let their voice go unheard. Our part of acknowledging their sacrifice was voting legally, your part is making sure the legal votes are all that is counted.
We and they are counting on YOU!!! Dont let their sacrifice for all our freedoms be made null by those who seek to destroy this Great Nation. This is America land of the Free and Home of the Brave.
The election should be shut down and investigated at the highest leval. At the same time , biden using his office to influence for personal gain. Investigate and prosecute the swamp we all know are involved. This is not just about President Trump, it is about one of our most precious rights, every illegal vote takes away a legal vote and dilutes the people’s voice.
With so much corruption, this country will never have a fair election again until there is voter ID and NO mail in ballots. You need to exercise your right as a legal citizen and vote on election day. Unless you are military or have something that prevents you from voting on election day. But that is what a legal absentee ballot is for. If you are against voter ID, you are hiding something or doing something illegal. Plain and simple!

Grinch I wouldn’t touch you with a 39.5 foot pole social distancing face mask

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