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agree with everything said here. But do we really have to pull the race card here? It’s 2020 lets have intellectual conversations without pulling someones skin color into it. Please. We are better than this….. the point is, that Dementia Joe isn’t more popular that Obama and definitely isn’t more popular than Mr.Trump. Think about that for awhile. Maybe it will sink in.

  • This dude is a clown who worships NBA players lol. He’s happy that he’s being catered to his fragile ego lol. It’s all about that BLM Nonsense lol. If they had any real power they wouldn’t let Democrats abuse them after being freed from slavery and given civil rights. Look how pathetic 13% of country live, it’s sad.
  • Some people cannot be saved. and putting people in cages and separating kids from their families is ok? Before you even get a chance to say “ It was Obama” why hasn’t Trump done anything about it? 4 years and all he has done is create separation.
  • Actually Trump has done plenty about it. They are no longer kept in the cages Obama built. They are in group homes and well taken care of. You do realize most of them were not with real family members. he does have his followers. The who are okay with a lying, cheating, socialist agenda, designed to control the common man and lift the elite. Willful ignorance is no excuse for supporting the fall of the USA.

why do you need to be here discouraging people that love our President? Check your heart for bitterness. I have not commented at all on Joe’s site. Maybe people shouldn’t be trying to break into a foreign country with their Children. You know the same thing that happens when we break the law.

Wake up! They got you by your nose and you don’t even know it. Biden and his family got wealthy off the taxpayers!? Are you a taxpayers or you don’t give a f…k what biden do with your tax money. Suzanne Sahagun I actually do lol, every thing I said is straight from Joe Bidens own mouth lol. Just because you can’t handle the truth doesn’t make it any less true.

thats true… i just cant recall a single sentence that Biden has forced out of his mouth that has been ”well recieved” its typically up to the viewer to interpret his words to the best of their ability… guess it makes it easier for him to backtrack on some of his less popular forms of oppressing the american people.

Pythagorean Theorem Day I was there 12.16.20 shirt,tank top, hoodie

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