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Queen – Love Of My Life Lyrics poster

Queen - Love Of My Life Lyrics poster

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Was absolutely fantastic to see you in Dunedin New Zealand this year , I have been following you on your wonderful journey from the beginning Adam, you are so talented and a wonderful person. Would love to see you again. yes was fantastic to have them at Forsyth Barr imagine having Adam there doing his own Velvet concert how amazing would that be. forsyth bar concert was the best concert i have ever been to. Still buzzing! I would absolutely love this to happen, I’d be first in the queue. Only if I got to meet Adam Lambert himself that would be amazing I’ve been twice to Auckland to see him such an amazing entertainer and he puts on a great show and he has a wicked sense of humour. Adam is one of the few artists I would see again at the stadium and the Queen concert was the most amazing concert I ever been to and been to alot at the stadium.

I’ve been to most of the concerts at Forsyth Barr and Queen was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I’ve seen them at the spark arena in Auckland and there is no comparison. The staduim was by far the best. I’m so glad to say thanks to all those who brought out time to like and comment on my post…..I can’t wait to see your message on my fan’s page. you are the same age as my daughter, she came to see Queen & Adam with me earlier this year. So glad that Queen have a new lot of fans ! I guess Adam Lambert is responsible that ! Well I grew up with Queen and 80’S music so I’ve always loved them ever since I can remember. But seeing them live is definitely a bucket list ticked! Yea I also liked Adam Lambert before he got with Queen and just fell in love with his voice. Both are just amazing. he appeals to all age groups I think, I’m almost 70 & still love modern music & all the the old stuff going way back !