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Hallelujah!!! I have one prescription that cost me $178 a month. Can’t wait to see what it will cost now. My mother-in-law paid more for her prescriptions than she brought in on social security – I wish someone would have done this before now. Thank you Mr. President! Do you think this has a part in covid issue? Big pharma isn’t going to like their price gouging days are over…. the hype over vaccines etc? Just asking…. It’s my personal belief… Someone is getting wealthy off covid 19 at our expense. I used to be a cashier at Walmart and I’d see senior citizens come through with RX drugs and have to put hundreds of dollars on a credit card and I’d think they’ll never be able to pay those off. Hopefully seniors now will be able to buy their medications. We can not think you enough!!! I am a parent of a Type 1 diabetic. Lowering the outrageous prices of insulin helps relieve some of the stress of this disease.
Proud of all the work you have done for our country! We can’t wait to see the great accomplishments that you have in store the next four years!  Thank You Sir, Drug comp have been getting rich for years. And we here in the USA have paid more than any other country…….And if you have a loved one in care make SURE they need the Meds…..I know first hand they will drug the ones that act out…..or ask questions. Keep talking about all the differences between you and Joe! Every day. Focus on all those more than his competency. People are feeling sorry for him and forgetting what his policies will bring to us if you lose! Keep up a positive tone for all our sakes. Gotta get those independents back! I appreciate all you are trying to do!