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The biggest liar about Benghazi to our nation, has ruined her reputation. She just needs to be locked up for all of her criminal activity she committed during the Obama administration! these people have to be very glad and happy that they live in a country where you’re not actually held accountable for what you do and say. History is not going to be very kind to Susan Rice. She has no respect for herself much less than other people… and this Bit.h belongs in the trash heap of Liberalism and should be shamed for lies she spread about Benghazi and for helping wash the blood of those that died from the hands of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama! Let’s start by removing your name from every written document you were mentioned in. You no longer are a part of our history! Those kind of statements are so very immature and set a rotten example for our Country and for our young people. Please get out and let someone who has some self control over their mouth serve.

She went on five Sunday morning talk shows & said the Benghazi attack was caused by a little video played on American TV, when she knew the truth. She’s dishonest. And-Wasn’t she the one who met with Bill Clinton on an air strip to, when Killary was under investigation supposedly just to talk about their grandkids? Which was even worse . The President interfered with a on going investigation and should have been impeached. I meant Obama for letting his then Attorney General talk about Bills wife and former Presidential candidate. I’m sorry you didn’t get invited but since I actually know the difference between right and wrong I choose not to. Remember, that was about few weeks before the Presidential Elections…anyhow, Mitt may no be much better than them anyway. he sooner the better, I am so sick of these disgusting dems that I can’t see straight.