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We know you are lovely lady and you do excellent work and that special person in your life is a lucky person and you are lucky person be part that special person you both are lucky. All of your outfits are amazing but Green, Blue and Pink and Red stick out and Yellow it just you are flawless and lovely young lady. All three of them are lovely of you sweet lady.

  • Hola Mrs. Jasmina Marazita these are two Beautiful pictures of you on Facebook and you do look very Beautiful and I also like your pretty pink robe what you’re wearing too. Wow Jasmina, I returned to work last night and the community mourning of the sheriff’s death was front page_ it seems as if it was merely recently he and I were discussing an Aids awareness via Facebook.
  • You are so mesmerizing and desirable with a very silky alluring appeal. WOW ! Dreams are made of this Jasmina! I loved Turkey. Also Georgia and Armenia. All interesting to visit. Also watching Resurrection Ertagul on Netflix- the Turkish Game of Thrones but based on reality on the founding of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish state. I can travel on TV!

Excellent write-up Rick. Turkey is one of the few places US citizens can actually visit this year (as of last month although this may have changed by mid-August). I spent over three years in Turkey and have been in that area.

I enjoyed Turkey and the people there. But the US always has a had a rocky relationship with the country. One thing you soon find out when you are in Turkey is that Turkey needs something from the US and the US needs something from Turkey.

Georgann Moore some years ago we hired a car and driver when we were in Ankara and he took us south. Our driver knew the area and the language and was really helpful since we did not. We went to Cappidocia. Loved my visit to Turkey in 2012. We covered a great deal of the country, but sadly none of the Mt. Ararat area due to the continued conflicts.

Red Eyes Screaming Skull Personalized 3D hoodie

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