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Your government just released a video tape showing a Thiokol Missile flying just inches off the deck on a perfectly horizontal trajectory into the Pentagon.

Do you confirm that your eyes saw that?

COMMENT #56 [Permalink]… Brian said on 5/16/2006 @ 12:45 pm PT… Reel Girls Fish Camo 3D Cap

i not only think it’s wise. I think it is an obligation. How can releasing this be any different from releasing an angle that actually show us something. It all tells the same story. Jeff i am glad that you are seeking answers, thats what got me started in my search. Now it appears to me to be obvious that something much larger happened on 9/11. You should search: probabilitites of cell phone calls being made from a plane at 30,000ft, 9/11 eyewitness.Com, PNAC group/ the grand chessboard, put options on airline stocks, the hijackers who are still alive, sibel edmonds…Etc. I dont really know what happened on 9/11 but i do know there has been cosistent cover-up. Oh yeah where is osama bin laden. If we were to capture him, the American peolple would be satisfied and say let’s end this war. So with him “on the loose” they can continue their new american century. As long as bin laden isnt caught we all have a common enemy.

COMMENT #57 [Permalink]… Big dan said on 5/16/2006 @ 12:47 pm PT…


How did 4 planes vaporize on one day, and 3 skyscrapers fall demolition-style in one day, and never before and never since? Did you check out professor Steve Jones writings, the physics professor from BYU?

Sure, you have one or two questions we can’t answer, but we have over 100 questions.

COMMENT #58 [Permalink]… Susan said on 5/16/2006 @ 12:49 pm PT…

I don’t know how ANYONE can honestly believe that “fire and structural instability” caused WTC7 to collapse. Even the 911 Commission knew better than to try to support that claim. They didn’t even touch on it in their investigation.

BYU physics professor Dr. Steven Jones pretty much debunks that whole fire and instability nonsense.

In case you’re interested. Check outhttp://www.Physics.Byu.E…Esearch/energy/htm7.HtmlQuite frankly though, it is probably a waste of my time to even post these links. Some people just aren’t ready to go there.

Personally, I think WTC7 is our grassy knoll of today. The next generation will be able to analyze the evidence much more dispassionately. I think it just hurts too much right now for most people. Too bad though. Understandable, but too bad.

COMMENT #59 [Permalink]… Agent99 said on 5/16/2006 @ 12:49 pm PT…

Anyone left still willing to suspend the laws of physics to believe the official line about 9/11 should really use this link. It has more than enough factual information and lucid questions to insure anyone who wants to learn the truth can.




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