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I hope you all understand that Trump’s statement is completely false. There are many thousands of volunteers in clinical trials now, and doctors are collecting data on infection rates and adverse events. The data has not been submitted to FDA yet and cannot be until statistically significant results have been achieved and compiled.

  • This jerk knows nothing about science. He wants a vaccine before Nov. 3 even if it has not been properly tested and has the potential to do serious harm. I say let his cult line up to be guinea pigs. They think he is the new messiah, the chosen one. Let them put their money where their mouths are, so to speak, and line up to get injected. If he is God then nothing bad will happen to them. If not … it is what it is.
  •  This is so irresponsible and why I can’t trust anything that comes out of this Administration about Covid! From what it appears in most all the posts of Trump supporters I see including some relatives , they think the virus is an overblown hoax, no worse than seasonal flu and they won’t take the vaccine. A lot I know are anti vaccine. How many Trump supporters are willing to be volunteers for these vaccine trials.? Why aren’t “his Americans “lining up?( Sorry but he has done this from day 1 in 2015) If they all believe in him so much there would be no lack of volunteers would there? Just wondering

 And all this time I thought the Deep State concern was that the government is trying to control us with vaccines and use us as guinea pigs. So now it’s that the Deep State is trying to prevent us from solving this COVID issue and f-ing up the economy on purpose. Got it 

He’s so desperate to get a vaccine by Nov. 3, Election Day, that he is going to accuse medical professionals of deliberately sidelining its development. It’s not about saving human life, that’s clearly evident…it’s about saving his chances in the election!

Nancy Pelosi: “The FDA must approve drugs or vaccines based on their safety and effectiveness – NOT political pressure from the White House. The President’s dangerous attempt to inject himself into the scientific decisions of @US_FDA jeopardizes the health & well-being of all Americans.” Funny how he always gets…um…trumped.

Regulators Mount Up shirt, hoodie, tank top