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Will Only Remove For Bourbon face mask 4

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But these rebels think they own Uganda as their property and also own our lives that they can kill us whenever they wanted coz they take us as their slaves, we shall not back off this struggle till we’re free in our own country when these kilers are no more. What can we pay to our fallen comrades? By continuing to fight for what they have died for is the only way we can pay them.
We promise we shall never relent not until we get the freedom that they died for. Rest In Peace fallen soujaz. It’s very painful that the security agencies target the most vulnerable Ugandans to keep them away but they don’t know they’re increasing our resolve to have a country that works for us all. We need organize ourselves stage a non surrender demonstration bt in blood togetherness without fear or favor near City square. Rip fallen soldier but museven we all know you killed many Ugandans to gain power in 1986 …but we the youth of this generation I assure you we are not scared of and we are going to do what our grand fathers and fathers failed to do…your not going to kill all of us .this is our country and we have a right to exercise our disatsifaction done to us we need a new government led by kyagulanyi ssentamu and I assure you we gonna win and take what belonged to us. RIP Comrade. We shall over come. Keep fighting my country men, keep fighting for your country, your land, your freedom, your justice… Our spirits have been bound down for far too long… By the government hand, taking blood and land, taking blood and land but we shall one day make them account for every drop and piece of that land. the police should have stopped and taken that man for treatment. M7 should have provided ambulances all over the country, and well equipped to treat such cases immediately before transferring to hospital and all security personnel’s need to be trained first aid. M7 after 35 years, even such basic facilities zakulema, you have to go.