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It’s complicated. I spent the first three years of my life in Fort Benning, Georgia. My father was a Canadian Army Officer who was teaching there. It was the late fifties and racism was government policy. I grew up on horror stories about the racism my parents witnessed while living there. And yet, they also had fond memories of their time there. They were, after all, white. And I think the south has somehow imprinted on me, because when I go south I feel my blood pressure dropping, almost like I’m coming home. I think you can love a place while still hating some of it’s history. As far as being proud is concerned; doesn’t pride come before a fall? Just be real about it. There are some great things about the south and some bloody awful things. Embrace the good things and speak out against the bad. No need to let your pride start messin’ with you.

Not really sure what you were trying to say. But I guess the point I was trying to make about pride is that it can lead to some negative things, like nationalism and racism. For instance, what is there to be proud about because you happened to be born and raised in one place rather than another? What does that really say about you as a person? I’m a Canadian. I feel fortunate to have been born there and to be able to live there; but I’m not a “proud Canadian.” There are lots of good things to be said about Canada and many Canadians, but there are some bad things, too. But just being Canadian says nothing about me as a person, any more than just being a Southerner tells me anything about you as a person. I had a peak at your posts and you seem like a good guy. Take care.