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Rick And Morty School Is Not A Place For Smart People Face Mask

Rick And Morty School Is Not A Place For Smart People Face Mask

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I think we should have a discussion here about this. Is it lawful for the health department to put you on house arrest and force you to wear an ankle bracelet if you don’t sign the self quarantine paperwork? Are we really still in a National or State Emergency???! Are we really in a Panedmic 7 months later ??!! I want real answers not cases counted as Confirmed when they are not!!! When people die from a motorcycle accident or the were 80 with Alzheimer’s for 20 yesrs they are counted as a death from COVID19. These are the real stories and this is a bunch of Bull. Being PATRIOT has NOTHING to do with a face mask!!! Let’s see, it been damn near 6 months & NOW you want to brag about your mask. Well, the majority knows your little game, contradict Dr. Fauci for 6 months, you go down in the polls, even some Republicans along with Republicans leaders are now backing Biden due to your incompetence & NOW you want to play along with the mask & call it being Patriotic. With all due respect, the mask you are wearing is NOT going to help you. It does not protect you from this virus. What the Dr failed to tell people is that wearing the WRONG mask is just like not wearing a mask at all. The most common mask to use that is good is the N95 mask. The N95 mask is good, but even that is not 100% effective, especially if it is not fitted. If it does not fit right it will not work. So all these people wearing the WRONG mask are still spreading the virus if they have it. What a joke this has become!! The experts are suppose to know it all, but they DO NOT. They have made numerous mistakes and still making a very big mistake by not telling people which mask to use. There is plenty of PPE for the medical field now thanks to Trump. The N95 should be available to the general public to use. I’m really tired of how this virus has become so political. I think maybe you really should consider replacing that Doc with someone else!