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Sometimes our selfishness and freedom impinges on others so we do harm them. Many examples, racism pollution etc. so we need to consider our impact on others in our search for our own freedom and personal advancement. Too much greed in our country today and it needs to be stopped.

  • Back in March, I started watching the Great Courses series on The French Revolution and I was really struck by the discussions about the philosophy of the age and seeing how that played out.
  • I don’t have any answers or deep thoughts to add, but I do think you can definitely see a difference between those who have studied the origins of thought behind how our country was designed vs. those who haven’t spent time thinking about it or learning the history of it.
  • At least the French stopped chopping off aristocratic heads! But in Europe, there is a much stronger tradition of inherited class status. that’s an interesting point. We seem to be embracing the notion of inherited class in the US, which the forefathers found so objectionable. Much of American wealth is inherited, widening the gap in the US.

Imagine if our electorate has that kind of attention span and intelligence and honest passion for the common good. I always think of the Star Trek movie where Spock is dying in the reactor and says “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

Almost all of the biggest billionaires in America have made their own fortunes. Ironically, however, these self-made men are mostly Democrats, favoring big government. The famous ones are largely self made. There are hundreds of very rich families that avoid publicity.

67% of the Forbes 400 created their own fortunes. About 10% inherit their wealth (similar to the worldwide figure of 13%). Once you get below the Top 400, there really isn’t enough money for all the heirs to consider themselves “wealthy.” There are some exceptions, of course: I know a woman (only child) who is wealthy from her father’s vast land holdings. But if she had six siblings, she would not be wealthy.

Rick and Morty aI suck at apologies so unfuck you or whatever shirt,tank top, hoodie

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