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Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty shirt, tank top, hoodie

Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty T-shirt

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Did anyone see a video of what was happening before the criminal was on the floor with police restraining him ? We’ve only seen one part of the arrest .. the rest has been hearsay. I’m not condoning what happened to George Floyd but rioting is not the way forward … Not at risk Three men dead in Reading . The black lives matter has nothing to do with covid It is to do with what happened in another land to a man who was not an angel murdered he was . That is how this all started and have esculated . At the end of the time with covid maybe we can actuall have the figures and nationalities of who died . the 12 i know all have been white. 2 of them from the same family. Which is why there are so many successful jews, muslims, sikhs Hindus etc. The fact that one demographic cant seem to share in the opportunities has NOTHING to do with white privilege and EVERYTHING to do with their mindset. the point is white lives have ALWAYS mattered. Black lives have mattered little to the masses for generations and it continues to this day. This is the reason for the protests, some people are so blind, it’s time to take a stand for our black brothers and sisters and stop the cruelty and racism. It’s going to take time to heal the wounds that white privileged have inflicted but nobody is saying that other races don’t matter at the same time.

To think this way is infantile and egocentric. Peace and harmony can never thrive in an environment of hate and discord. Did I say that ? No I didn’t .. ! This is exactly what’s wrong here , people only taking what they want from what’s actually being said !
I don’t condone for one minute the abuse of one person to another regardless if one wears a badge or not .. my point being people are saying and I quote hearsay , that the victim in this case was pinned to the ground unnecessarily , my comment being what happened beforehand ? What happened that it escalated to the man being on the ground ?
There’s no need for you to get all high & mighty …