Rigged 2020 45th Is Still My President Flag

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Rigged 2020 45th Is Still My President Flag

Describing Gordon as a paramedic’s greatest supporter and most vocal critic, Hill said Gordon taught his students to master the skills necessary to do excellent work.

Bartholomew County E911 conducted the final radio call for Gordon, saying “9603 (Gordon) is 10-42, he will be deeply missed.” The radio call 10-42 refers to ending a tour of duty.

At EMS headquarters, mourners carrying white carnations placed them on a tarp near an ambulance in honor of Gordon.

As the procession left the airport, at the first turn, a Columbus police officer held a sign that said, “Thank You,” as the vehicles passed by.

And further down the procession route, two local residents were holding a sign that said, “Goodbye friend.”

Contributed by The Republic, Columbus

Provided Sharon Carr

Name: Sharon Carr

City/Town: Crawfordsville

Age: 80

Died: Nov. 17

If you were young enough to be her grandchild, she was “Nana.”

Before her retirement, she worked at local factories and fast-food restaurants. She was a member of the Crescendos Chorus and Red Hat Society and was serious about her faith, regularly attending two churches. She was an avid viewer of “Days of Our Lives.”

Like her daughter Dee, who died from COVID-19 in July, she enjoyed traveling. She once booked an excursion with a travel agency to Arizona, where she met another woman named Sharon and took in a hot air balloon festival.

Her grandson, Luke Fettig, spent summers with his cousins at the grandparents’ house where their names were carved into the posts of the swing set Carr asked for as a Mother’s Day gift.

“It was a lot of love, and that’s what hurts the most is all the love I’m missing out on,” Fettig said.

Days after being exposed to the virus in October, Carr, who had a underlying lung condition, began experiencing a cough and shortness of breath. She required full-time oxygen treatments by the time she was hospitalized and was later hooked up to a ventilator.



Rigged 2020 45th Is Still My President Flag
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