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Robert Plant 55th Anniversary shirt, tank top, hoodie

Robert Plant 55th Anniversary shirt

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Honestly am happy you are back home, you will definitely do the quarantine and come clean in the end ,God bless you and your family.Welcome home. Thank God for bringing you back safely, we love you…and its our Prayer you guys go through this process successfully and finally get back home….we love u and we miss you but I think Your family ie wife and daugther misses you most. God bless you kingsark. Thank God for bringing you home safely. Hope you go true your mandatory quarantine successfully; strong and fit. We are so happy to have you back. Long live sarknation….long live Ghana music. Africa’s icon aside Akon,the greatest representative to the world Ghana really loves u and tnxs to God Almighty for a safe trip back home. We miss you so much dada.

Life without you is outrightly boring. Ghanaians just go through the motions of living, in your absence. We enjoy life and catch so much fun only when you are around.
We are very happy to have you here king! I’ve been following a uk and American space #ibunifu#DTB and others and you are doing well king Sark and i love it that you really taking mother Ghana to big stages.God bless you and the family and your whole team.once again i congratulate you for pushing the younger artists like, medikal,kotakra, strong man and others. Happy 8th anniversary Jumia And welcome back home king Sark,Big Thanks to God almighty for bringing u back safe Big up to you king. 15k giveaway is not a joke. However it will not get to everybody but everything has a beginning. It’s the biggest giveaway in my opinion and I appreciate yu Sarkodie for this kind gesture. God bless yu and welcome back home… We know money nor be problem for the king of rap.