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Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster

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I’m so happy to hear this! My husband and I go up almost every weekend, and we’ve missed the park quite a bit when it’s closed. We’re thankful, of course, that you’re all maintaining safety for everybody when you close the park, but we do miss it.

  • Never been here. Visiting Christmas week 2020. What is there to do during this time with families that have kids ranging from 6yr-17yr? Also how are the restrictions affecting these activities? Thank you! Yay, such wonderful news! We live in Loveland and have been so scared of these massive fires. RMNP is a treasure! And Estes too!
  • Thank you so much for this update. I read the list of areas that are open and closed. Are you able to post a map directly to social media showing these areas? I believe it would be very helpful for your visitors and staff. Thank you. Thank you! I know timed entry ended mid October but will we need timed entry again due to the fire?
  • That’s great news! Fresh air, light breezes, social distancing on trails (for the ones worried about the virus). These poor animals – their home has been destroyed and this one looks scarred — least we forget they live there too.

Addie, the whole park did not burn. Animals had plenty of space to migrate to other wilderness areas in the park. but, yes, as a whole, we must grieve for the wildlife from the Cameron Peak fire, as well as the Troublesome fire!

Stupid move. The last thing the Park needs is tourists while the land and wildlife try to recover. Covid is spiking. Better enforce wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands. Would hate for anyone to get sick and take it home with them. You hold a special place in my heart; though I have traveled many roads to many Parks, I always come back to you. Decades from now when my parents are gone from me you will remind me of them and how they loved you Rocky Mountain National Park.

I was surprised by the number of hikers who weren’t wearing masks when we went a few weeks ago. We didn’t wear one when we were the only people on a trail, but put them on when others approached.

Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster