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Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster

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This man is sick! Past Presidents have sent out heartfelt wishes to the American people on Thanksgiving  I am not sure how this picture ruined Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is in your heart and not in a man and whoever posted this says it ruined Thanksgiving for everyone, once again did not consult me. I do wish people would stop speaking for me before they have asked me my opinion. I am more THANKFUL this year than I was last year and I hope I will be more thankful next year than I am this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  • oh get a grip. If that “ruined Thanksgiving” you are too obsessed. I am sure you can find far more important reasons to be mad at the man. EVERYONE??? I am someone and my Thanksgiving wasn’t ruined by this. On the other hand, all of the stuffing the Dems are trying to shove up us, now this ruins everyday!
  • Must not have worries in the white house, n we ( tax peyers) are paying for him to be doing that.he has time to post that. I dont know if on his life he ever look like that
  •  Nobody seems to understand why he did this. Lately he has been talking like Rocky by mispronouncing words and sounding like he’s been punched in the head too much. So, he just wanted everyone to know what he has become.

Well at least we know one thing he can’t buy no matter how much money he has you have to earn it through hard work something he knows nothing about !!  Great comparison….just when the haters think they’ve knocked him out he comes back stronger and more determined than ever.

I am not that sensitive where a pic of the prea like would offend me to the point of ruining my thanksgiving. If you are that sensitive then the pres isn’t the problem. How the hell do people let something as small as a harmless picture trigger them? Grow some thicker skin people, how do you function in the real world?

Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster