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Schitt's Creek You just fold it in face mask4

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It’s amazing to see how much ignorance is on this post. Purebred dachshunds can be found at every shelter because people dump them all the time. You have to love the opinions of people who’ve never walked through a shelter yet are convinced that breeders are responsible. Anyone making a profit off of a dog’s reproductive system has issues with responsibility to say the least. id like to say something here. I have 20yrs+ in rescue. Now I breed & show standard poodles. You will NEVER find one of mine in a shelter. I have a contract. I’ll take any of mine back at any time or age. I’m sleeping next to the whelping box for 6 weeks caring & watching over them. I incorporate Puppy Culture strategies in raising them. I follow up with FREE obedience training after they have all shots. I’m here for my families for the life of their dog. As for $$. There isn’t any profit. I’m upside down. And I’m ok with that. ALL the money goes back into the dogs; health testing, blood work, teeth cleaning, spay-gastro Pexi after 2 litters, etc…. if one of my babies needs a vet, off we go. And I spare no expense. I don’t do things like make a dog or puppy suffer through the night to avoid an additional ER vet fee. I still find myself taking in the rescues here & there. I’ve seen the WORST of breeders that neglect their puppies & only breed for $$. Abuse & greed. I’ve seen i & I rescued & cleaned up the hot messes from it. It’s horrific. I can tell you I have seen another side of it. A reputable side. Decent people who put their puppies first. It’s night & day from some of the nightmares I’ve seen in my rescue days. you wont find a standard poodle at a shelter. We all stalk those local adds. When we do rarely see an add for one we are all calling eachother trying to find the breeder. Within 24hr’s one of us show breeders is pulling it from the shelter & paying for any needed vet care. Spay/Nuter & place.