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Sea Turtle Life is always better on the beach face mask

Sea Turtle Life is always better on the beach face mask

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After watching the video they may get off due to he didn’t fire until the guy rushed for the shotgun. I feel it is wrong they pursued him and he ended up losing his life, but the way their laws are with “citizen’s arrest statutes” they may get off. If there’s something in that statute that says they have to preform it while a defendant is in the act of a crime they could be nailed. It was about race. They had 2 vehicles. One was recording. They went on a hunt. Those who were involved should be thrown away and lock the door. The realization it took so long for an arrest makes it doubly as worrisome that it’s about race and how bad it is in areas. Let alone now reports are coming in both were members of local hate groups.lets not fool ourselves racism is alive and well pretending it’s not will not get us anywhere. sounds like a typical trumpkin supporter . oh sure trigger happy cops who at best did a cover up and arbery was the victim see theres a word for people like McMichael “racism” he is very fortunate that i wasn’t there because if i was? people like McMichael would of been found the next day hanging by the neck with the word “traitor” tattooed on his forhead. Gonna get Trump reelected… falling right into this trap… its propaganda. Maybe you are too, do you know which way is up and which is down anymore? Forgot the difference between right and wrong? I’m a hardcore liberal, but, people like you make it impossible to feel good about it sometimes… if people think I’m like you, just thought of it pisses me off… So sad and these guys were looking for trouble. The law in this place is condoning murder. Despite what others may thing if it was reversed and anyone of color did this to a white guy i am pretty sure the law would charge them.