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Seahawks Lady Sassy Classy and a tad badassy shirt,hoodie, longsleeve

Seahawks Lady Sassy Classy and a tad badassy shirt

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Sonya Ambrosia – quit listening to fake news. He’s far from loosing. You must love the rioting, looting and murdering of innocent people and killing babies and higher taxes. No one in their right mind would vote for a democrat unless you want to suck the government’s tit It’s not just the demos treating dementia Joe wrong it’s his family too. They want the power and benefits that come with him in office so they are willing to commit elderly abuse to get it. His family is so greedy that they will throw Joe out there to make a fool of himself and show America how weak and incompetent he is. I wouldn’t feel sorry for Biden it’s probably planned. Look for the VP to replace Biden if he should win he knows he has dementia and it’s getting worse that’s why they don’t want any debates with Trump. What candidate for the Presidency ever said he’s running for one term? Joe said that he knows he’s slipping and taking one for the Party until they can use the 25th amendment to remove him and then a Marxist Socialist VP will run the show right into the ground and I believe Joe is well aware of it he hasn’t completely slipped yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an early onset of Alzheimer’s. Remember way back when Omama wouldn’t endorse him? He has no choice now. You mean the Dems who are currently fighting to extend the extra unemployment benefits to Jan for everyone? The ones fighting to get all states additional funding for Covid testing. The ones who have put forth evictions protections for all those who are in arrears.