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Looking forward to reading this. Jerry’s four performances on “An Evening at the Improv” 1981-83 are still in my memory. Funny, Clean and Perceptive. It may have been “about nothing” but it was everything

  • Hasn’t he made enough money on syndication of his series? Like everything he ever mused we have to read! Enough Jerry! Can’t wait for this! And if you want to know the historic events that earned the right for Jerry and other stand ups to get paid for performing, read Tom Dreesen’s new book, “Still Standing”
  • I loved the Seinfeld show but he is not one of my favourites in standup. His new show on Netflix is really enjoyable if you enjoy comedians in general and how their minds work. It’s called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. What is people’s obsession with books? They put them in their homes like they’re trophies? Books books! Have you seen my books!
  • How about more Cars n Coffee with the rest if the Seinfeld crew. The one with Jason Alexander was hilarious. How about having a coffee with Newman. cant wait! my budding comedian is 12 so introducing her to Seinfeld (carefully!!! and only some episodes) to see how you work through joke creation. I can get this call it a textbook and ta da homeschooling!!

Probably one of the best comedians of the 21st-century poignant observant hilarious what makes him great is his ability to tell a stor. You are hell organized….which isn’t a trait I expect in such a creative person….But I guess you would have to be over the course of 50 years. And you did ALOT in that time. Thanks for the belly laughs!

I have absolutely no interest in being a comedian, but I’ll read this one with the same interest that I approach the writing of anyone who has done the serious work in their field. And of course, always helps if they have a sense of humor about these things.


Seinfeld face mask