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The habitual curiosity which is part of neighborly affection is what we have mostly lost in the cities. It is part of looking after each other; after all, when a neighbor unexpectedly deviates from a daily routine, then something must have happened and elicits concern. I think this is part of the charm of living in communities that continue to nurture old world sensibilities.
Ciao from Southern California

  • Six months after 9/11, I went back to visit Tuscany. We stopped by the villa we had stayed in previously. The owner was there and she explained to a visiting woman what had happened to me (my office was on 72nd floor of 1 WTC).All of a sudden I felt the warmest arms around me, reminded me of my grandma. I wanted to move in with her
  • I hope we can see a whole lot more of these kinds of stories of previously unknown or little known heroes of our country. Wonderful people of color, virtually unknown!!!
  • Hero’s that I should have known about if the American schools had only done their jobs properly. I’m talking about the school ‘s system of only acknowledging the whites and ignoring others, not only Blacks.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I teach my grands to read about Our Black ancestors. Yes they should teach it in school. I had a white teacher. And she always told us ,u are not black one month of the year, u are black 365days a year.

How lovely. I love an achiever, regardless of colour, but her achievement made even more special due to the adversity, that was then. Too many stories like that have been pushed under the rug .Now is the time to show all the ignorants that life happened without them and was a kinder world

Thank you for some correct history. we need to rewrite history books for stories like this as well as the real truth about American Indians. we have been lied to for generations let’s demand

I am currently read an American history book, this has been going on for 500 years, controlled by big money

Sewing She Works Willingly With Her Hands poster