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My husbands great grandmother immigrated from there (a small spot in the road 8 km out.) We were there last May and stayed at the Mercure with a view of the Roman gate directly across. My husband and I traveled to Bacharach a few years ago and used your travel book as our guide and we had amazing time!! Thank you so much for the great recommendations and tips. Wherever we go we purchase your travel book because we find it very helpful  Bacharach (and really all of the Rhine and Mosel) are very quiet in March, but we still had a wonderful time last year visiting all the castles. One benefit of visiting Germany in March, was that we got to watch the snow come down on Neuschwanstein from our hotel balcony in Schwangau. That was the most magical snowfall I’d ever seen. I just watched the “ Germany’s Romantic Rhine & Rothenburg” episode yesterday, which includes Herr Jung. Some of my favorite places in Germany since my first trip in 1993. So glad I was able to show them to my family in 2018 and look forward to visiting again. My last and favorite memory of Herr Jung is him standing in the street waving to us as our bus left Bacharach. I have a watercolor on my wall to remind me of that beautiful little town. I am stationed in Rota, Spain at the Navy base there and had training at Ramstein last summer. I flew into Frankfurt and had had about 6 hrs until my coworker flew in and we drove to Ramstein. So I stored my suitcase in a locker at the airport and hopped a train to Bacharach because, well, I go where Rick Steves tells me to go. Due to train delays, I only had about 2 hrs total in Bacharach. I stopped in the tourist office first thing for suggestions and she told me sadly that I didn’t have enough time to hike to the castle and still make my train. Well, challenge accepted! I raced up that hill and still had a little time leftover to explore Bacharach. I loved it .