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Sf Giants Face Mask

Sf Giants Face Mask

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My favorite President, could you please stop with the masks. Are we gonna get masks every winter, for RVS and FLU season? Please stop this madness! This virus, is real, but the hype it totally political. What about the homeless, no mask, no social distancing, unclean living conditions, yet no virus outbreak on that end! President Donald J. Trump is a YUGE patriot for wearing a mask. The best. Nobody ever compares to his mask-wearing. He’s the best mask-wearer who ever was.
So all those PATRIOTS who LOVE your President more than you LOVE America, don’t DARE turn your back on him. Unlike those commie librulz in New Z-Land, True Americans never take their masks off. So support the greatness of America by wearing your mask just like the President. You’re wearing a mask, when there’s no scientific proof, that it actually helps. On the other hand, there is plenty of scientific evidence, that says, wearing a mask for pro long time, causes respiratory infections, and weakens your resistance to viruses, disease, and even cancer. I am losing confidence in your ability to lead. I’m starting to feel like you’re caving to the pressure and jumping on the bandwagon, with all the rhetoric, for this ridiculously inflated virus. Come back to earth, before you end up compromising your re-election, with this ridiculous nonsense.
Sincerely, every sane American. To wear a mask is not to protect you… It is too protect the people around you as you may be carrying the virus without knowing it and infecting people close to you. Don’t be selfish. Think about others too.