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Seriously well its based on facts we the Americans pay for those on these programs. Trump is diligently working on bring jobs back that left the states….those Obama helped move out. Trump has fixed several things for the working class in the nation. I think all people should work for their stuff…..not just sit and collect money or free medical. Yes, we do pay for those programs. We also through our taxes pay for everything else the government provides. I disagree with you that “Trump has fixed several things for the working class in the nation.” Trump has blown the Federal Deficit right out of the water. The working class (99% of the people) will be paying for it. All the Free Stuff you refer to is the “Helping Hand” the Government is supposed to provide. I agree that “all people should work for their stuff” unfortunately right now there are 5 people unemployed for every 1 job out there, help for those is needed. Also keep in mind that the “Job Creation” over the past 3 months that Trump gloats about are not really creations. They’re people going back to their jobs. Agree people are going back to work but I also see the fact that most American Jobs are starting to hire more I see that as well. Trump really wasn’t gloating on it…. My main issue is point blank when vets get less and immigrants get more thats a real issue. It’s flat out a disgrace when people come here and take from our government and know they are entitled to it. So many people still here after 25 years on a work visa but yet they don’t care to learn English or become citizens they just bounce jobs get compensated and get benefits our own people cant.