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You do get the feeling that every one catching a brief glimpse of the treasures, because that is all the time you get, is being profiled as a jewel thief.  The Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg Palace. One of my favorite museums to spend time when I am in Vienna. One of the things I love about Rick’s show is the art he shows as well as the surrounding history. The other thing I love is that the locations are shown more than Rick. Unlike some. The crown belongs in Frankfurt though, since this is where most of the elections and 10 of coronations took place, in the Kaiserdom. Aachen was the Coronation city before Frankfurt, though Mainz had a few too. There was a whole lot more to a coronation! The 7 electors all had a part, with the Archbishop of Mainz usually doing the crowning itself. There would be first the anointing, the emperor had special coronation socks, in the early days, the emperor would be lifted up on to the altar, the other electors had parts in the Procession after the crowning. Charlemagne was the very first Holy Roman Emperor, crowned by the Pope on Christmas Day in the year 800. He created the Holy Roman Empire. The whole thing fell apart when Napoleon occupied Germany at the end of the 1700’s and asked the Holy Roman Emperor to step down. So, he went to Austria, taking the crown with him that had been stored in Nuremberg with the Orb and Scepter and had himself crowned Austrian Emperor.

This is the copy in the Frankfurt Historic Museum. Interesting fact is that you can fold it. Jo Cothran Ator Thanks, Jo! I wondered how the crown made it to Vienna. Didn’t Napoleon marry the Emperor’s daughter? The Treasury Museum has coronation socks on display. They are FANCY….jeweled with gold thread. Thank you for this. I love history. I was wondering how the crown ended up in Austria.