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Great teachers impact so many lives. Whan I was on the school board I learned to love so many teachers. I’m still in touch with many of the graduates & teachers. I’m so grateful for the years on the board & for each teacher & student I learned to love. BYW, Connie Schultz, at one point our elementary needed a new flag, which we couldn’t afford. I contacted Sherrod Brown who sent us a flag that had flown over the Capital along with a lovely plaque. These are things you never forget! I loved Mrs. Behrendt! I didn’t have her, but my brothers did. I knew her from later in my life & she talked about how she loved her students! I had great elementary teachers, but always wished I had had her. Connie, great post, but I do disagree on one point. I truly believe most school districts want to protect students, staff and their families from harm. It’s not the districts pushing to get schools reopened, it’s mostly the Trump administration and some state elected officials. They are the same elected officials who underfund schools to begin with and refuse to provide the resources needed to educate children safely. By DeVos’s own admission, there is no plan, just threats. Teachers and other school staff have been asked to address every societal problem from child poverty to mass shootings, and they’ve always stepped up. They’re finally drawing the line. Good for them. That they were hypocritical enough to require in person classes but not require masks or social distancing while MEETING ONLINE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES is astonishing. You really couldn’t get much more tone deaf than that. fortunately most of the individual OC School districts are ignoring this ridiculous vote and “white paper” put out by the political O.C School Board. I live here in OC and the Board is horrible. it’s not *really the Trump admin either. Pediatricians have been consulted and the overwhelming majority have said they believe it’s absolutely safe for kids to return to school and normalcy. Had they deemed it unsafe officials would have waited. Also, re: the 10th amendment, school policy is governed by the state, not any presidential admin. The feds make recommendations and the state decides to adopt or not.