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Sisters Sisters There were never such devoted sisters poster

Sisters Sisters There were never such devoted sisters poster 1

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There are a lot of other factors that could explain the difference. And the truth is we may never know as you cannot run the test twice. The main issue is they did not violate citizens rights and freedom. And although the lives saved by lockdowns are hypothetical the damage to the economy and lives that will be destroyed and lost are and will be very real. Point of note all you politically correct assholes, Soft is not the opposite of strong, Soft is the opposite of hard.
Accomplishment: Requires ‘love’ to maintain its balance, requires a ‘hard edge’ to maintain its forward motion… I think everyone should wear something to cover their nose and math in public. Then we should just open back up and take a much less risky chance of infection. your mask only protects others. Also, people can have it without symptoms. If they don’t wear masks, they are potentially infectious to anyone around them. The keyword there is healthy. We really should have enough empathy to put up with a little inconvenience so the old and/or unhealthy won’t be imprisoned in their homes while the rest of us go our merry way. When you over value comfort, your brain gets slow and soft. Your #cognition slows, this is a fact. You forget that intelligence means nothing in grand scheme, because intelligence is always changing, evolving. A sophisticated intellect is no match for violent brute in the wilderness. And it’s all digital wilderness now. #Economic injustice ALWAYS boils down to a knife fight. Nowhere in human history has an oppressor voluntarily turned over the keys to their safe, without a knife fight. Nowhere. There’s always violence. People got soft¡ #History is back, #Reality is back… Truth is coming back…  opening is good only if we all do the right thing. I am free, I have rights. I am free to drive, I am not free to drive recklessly over the speed limit, or without a drivers licence, or to walk into a place of business barefooted that asked me to please wear shoes, or to refuse to wear a mask where one is recommended. Am I being a sheep for obeying laws, regulations and signs? No, I’m doing what civilized people do.