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To be honest, it doesn’t really surprise me, because after all this massive hoo-haa after the last election I did expect massive fraud this time. But the length – or should I say depth – to which people have actively taken part in this fraud is shocking really.

  • Are you there personally to witness fraud ? Even Trump cannot prove fraud. It’s all bluster and when the dust settles, Joe Biden will be in the White House and Trump will just be a bad memory. Don’t forget Biden will open the flood gates to unlimited European immigrants after he gets in bed with the EU & takes it up the rear.
  • I feel sorry for the Americans, they’ve got no idea what’s coming to them if Biden gets in. He & his democrat puppet masters will destroy America. they was a senile old man in. Who can be controlled. Both of them were to old. Where is the young blood.
  •  Jaysus it’s terrible, they are counting all the votes, those by post and those in person. Who ever heard of such a thing, anybody would think it was a democracy, there’s no way I’d be accepting a vaccine. I know its a personal opinion but all the same…no way have they made, tried and tested a vaccine in less than a year!!!

What people can’t seem to grasp is Cancer isn’t catching but COVID IS and we can control it ,and while people don’t try to stop it ,it will kill millions until we get a vaccine .May be you need to see someone die to understand ,volunteer to help in a hospital then you may understand

What makes me laugh is when the BBC say that comments from Trump and his government advisers havent been ‘Fact checked’…. like they are the sole provider of the truth and honesty…well who Fact checks the BBC because I dont trust a word they say. I just believe that every reporter has it in for Trump. Biden is not perfect by any sense of the word and yet nothing bad is ever reported about him.

The press take a portion of a quote from Trump and say Donald Trump says this, It’s just ludicrous that supposedly educated people believe anything in the press. I do believe however that the American voting system is corrupt.

Six Feet People Grinch face mask

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