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Skull Lady Sewing Sewciopath hoodie

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I ran a sewing machine needle through my finger first year of sewing. It took someone next door hearing me yell, to knock on my parents’ door, because the air-conditioner was running. Took pliers to pull it out. I used to work I a factory where we sewed tents. Had this happen twice and once needle litterly disinterga Ted and some went in my eye. Not fun. Margaret Thatcher was a good PM but what happened on Hillsborough on her watch and also said after that I didn’t like at all. But at the end of the day, made Liverpool FC for what they are today. But yeah, a good PM especially about socialism and the calling out of such. please everyone read this article by about Margaret Thatcher. This is where we are now in this country leaning towards socialism. A sad State of Affairs for everyone. Great at many things, but Goddamn did she have a big ol’ hard-on for Irish Catholics who wanted to enter politics.
Iron Maggie looked the other way about a lot of kneecappings. I didn’t realize till much later in time,England was in turmoil before Thatcher.As chaotic this time period was in the U.S. England was nearly in ruins. Since then the biggest empire of the world is getting closer to iran in gdp than it’s former colonies … Oh wait! Fee, feed your stupidity through financial venture! “What are the lessons then that we’ve learned from the last thirty years? First, that the pursuit of equality itself is a mirage. What’s more desirable and more practicable than the pursuit of equality is the pursuit of equality of opportunity. And opportunity means nothing unless it includes the right to be unequal and the freedom to be different. One of the reasons that we value individuals is not because they’re all the same, but because they’re all different. I believe you have a saying in the Middle West: ‘Don’t cut down the tall poppies. Let them rather grow tall.’ I would say, let our children grow tall and some taller than others if they have the ability in them to do so. Because we must build a society in which each citizen can develop his full potential, both for his own benefit and for the community as a whole, a society in which originality, skill, energy and thrift are rewarded, in which we encourage rather than restrict the variety and richness of human nature.”
Man…. Margaret really dispised socialists. I loved her and she was a fairly accomplished writer as well. I would definitely recommend.