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Skull Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea hoodie

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Im super pro choice but for me personally after 12 weeks is not ok. Again for ME personally. I had my daughter when i was 25 weeks 1 day pregnant. She survived with minimal intervention. No ventilator, just cpap. She has ZERO issues to date as well. So elective abortions at up to 24 weeks makes me sick. Im sure my daughter would have also survived even 1 week sooner. I’ve seen a 25 week what should have been a fetus grow and develop right before my eyes. he was born healthy ….so your point is moot …… and yes parents to be should be able to decide if they want their severely disabled fetus to go to term or not …..only they are the ones who know if they are strong enough to see the suffering of their children day in day out … i was 42 when i had my last baby and it never crossed my mind about abortion or my baby being born with a disability and he was born healthy.

I’ve seen a lot of women get tested for birth defects, and they decided to keep their babies, even after they were told that the baby will have severe birth defects and no quality of life. Then so many went on to have perfectly healthy babies. I believe women just have to follow their hearts. that doesn’t change the point I’m trying to make for all the babies that are said to have defects, but would still like a chance to live. Let me enlighten you. There’s the morning after pill. That is not murder! Hasn’t even created then a baby with a heartbeat!! Hey that’s a thought! The rhythm specified in the six-week abortion bans is a group of cells with electrical activity. That’s what the heartbeat is at that stage of gestation … We are in no way talking about any kind of cardiovascular system. the heart at that stage is strictly to pump blood. And actually a heartbeat is not a sign of life. Brain activity is. And at that stage they have none.