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Skull Sassy Since Birth Salty By Choice Hoodie

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I highly recommend you talk about the high correlation between poverty and childhood trauma with your kids and encourage being trauma informed with your school. There is a whole connected pathway to help these behaviors through that mindset. Less punishment, more correction. My son happens to be one of those kids. He’s black, adopted by a white family when he was 4 and has had trauma in his background. He can be disrespectful to the teacher or disrupt class-because he can’t self regulate as it’s something he didn’t learn growing up. On the outside these kids look “bad” but they’re asking for love and help. They’re at home with neglect, abuse, stress, etc. Being in poverty is the #1 cause of childhood trauma.

Frame it this way when you talk to your kids and less about race. This isn’t a cultural thing-it’s the fact that more minorities are poverty stricken through systemic injustice. hank you- that makes sense. It’s not just simple disrespect and it’s parents doing the same thing. At what point, do we make someone own their actions? Teachers are being chased out of schools and then, we see even more problems. teachers aren’t chased out solely because of a child’s behavior. They’re chased out because of everything. Low pay, terrible benefits, bad admin, etc. Kids should definitely be held accountable, but there should be restorative practices for discipline. I live in Durham and DPS is known for their bad reputation. But we grew by 700 students last year and now only have one F rated school. The superintendent decided to include trauma based teaching to our schools. We need more counselors and social workers FOR SURE and that would help so much.