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Sloth Kayak Team We Will Get There hoodie

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Mike Rognlien the head of a Silicon Valley tech company taking part in a SF Pride Parade is not exactly the profile in courage you make it out to be. In fact it’s precisely the sort of corporate window dressing Zuckerberg has always been engaged in. Especially since 2016 Facebook has done more than any platform to undermine progressive values for profit. we expect you in this group on the link is allowed any posting please enter very much that any posting is allowed for the sum of 10k members we extract the winner who will win 100 dollars is 100% real. No Facebook fundrise Facility In Pakistan, No Page Monetization eligibility Option? but why? even you make a millions Profit From Pakistan millions I’Dz being use in Pakistan, this is Not Fair, i Strongly Condemn for that… Thank you for creating a site where friends distanced by life can meet up as well as meeting new friends along the way ~ having it be a free site makes it that much more enjoyable ~ let the grumblers grumble. being Gay is a choice that comes with consequences unfortunately. Everyone deserves love. However, Elizabeth is right. We here in the USA need to address Racial discrimination before anything else that’s most important. It was never about Politics.
It’s about human dignity and all religious conservatives I know including myself have LGBTQ family and friends that we pray with and we dignify and respect and though the media wishes to promote a tired narrative so let’s focus on the HUMAN race and not political ideology moving forward. We must have peace. Maybe you should let them work that out! Just because you have put women into only one place you may be surprised to find out that thousands of men stay home while the wife works! Does that mean they are strange, different, below you!
Wake up, get into the 21st Century!