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Sloth nope not going to happen face mask

Sloth nope not going to happen face mask

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I so love this POS for his courage, strength, sincerity and never say die attitude, trust me his respected and feared worldwide same as the US, hoping to migratt to the US someday, dont have the resorces needed though. They are useless against #COVID-19 and are germ incubators. I wore a mask and ended up with a double lung infection, sinus infection, and a double ear infection. Been sick for months, on my third round of antibiotics. NO, it was NOT COVID! I was tested for Active & Antibody COVID and both were NEGATIVE. It was from wearing these nasty germ filled masks! Just recently in America a doctor’s wife had covid symptoms she was brought to hospital was treated for covid even though they didn’t test for it. She always wore a mask. Her husband was told she was deteriorating and he insisted they run as much tests as possible. They found out she had legionnaires disease and she was gave the proper treatment and she pulled through and made it home. How did she get it????? She wore the mask for too long. Even health care staff would not wear a mask for too long because it is too dangerous. Doctor Coleman who was a guest already at Alex Jones ,wrote it well in his book ,the committee of 300,no President since 1919 is elected without the approval of United Kingdom.In the treaty of Versailles was written that United states would be Empire for 100 years,so that would end in 2019.I hope not so,but the people of america should get awake and understand that help will not come from the leaders but from themselves.