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Clinton foundation has been fighting a court case brought by the country of Haiti for over ten years, having court connections court delays only proves their guilt.. As far as settled case against his university,, so what! He failed at that. And settled all openly and above board,,, let’s be honest,, I don’t give a rats ass about comparing Trump to the Clinton’s,, Donald Trump has only been in politics for 3 and half years… #rundafkaway democrats are stupid. The Clinton Foundation is not fighting a court case against “the country of Haiti”. They are fighting accusations from Dahoud Andre. Big difference. If you want to use “court delays” as proof of “guilt”, how about Trump’s court delays for the variety of suits? Oh, those dont matter, right?
And the settled cases vs. the University – it was due to fraud, not due to it being a “failed business”. It was a scam.
And if you dont give a rats ass comparing Trump to Clinton, why did you make the comparison to the Clinton charity? Damn, make up your mind. are you seriously going there? If I pull a gun on you and kill you, you’ll always be dead. Does it mean you deserved it??? No! Pelosi and Schiff should be in jail along with a bunch of others. we were thinking Make America Great Again. And he did, using sound, solid, proven business principles and logic. Surely you understand what America First is about. Trump is for all Americans and he was a mega successful business creator/manager before he chose to play in Hollywood.