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Snoopy Autumn phone case

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I love the fact that people have such an opinion about EVERYTHING and feel the need to make it known…I didn’t read the comments so idk what they are talking about but girl, if you like the sandwich…ball out, enjoy it. You enjoy that sandwich however you want. *grumble grumble* Now I need to head over to the farm stand for some tomatoes!

  • This is a craft…not painting. Much like following a recipe. Looks nice,and good ideas for people who might like to try if they aren’t creative. This is not how painters usually paint..  I was very sceptical in the beginning but it turned out amazing! Love the technique of removing paint with the blade to make out the tree trunks. Great detail, it really looks like birch trees!
  • Looks so easy when I watch… but in reality it isn’t unless you’ve got enough experience in painting. I do sketch but I just started my acrylic and things doesn’t go so well… I can produce an “okay” output but it doesn’t satisfy me. Need more practice and patience. Brushes are different from pencils. Hope my hands can cope up.
  • Man everytime I look at these, I want to go back and try painting. Lovely piece ! never worked with this kind of paint tho. it is oil right ? Wow simply beautiful.. must put my hand back to painting… It is one art that gives u the scope to do what you wish to do… Just dabble with paint n brush n the results will be good!

This is so stunning it’s beautiful IAM really going to try it as I do have the canvas and art paints as IAM a artist from the past this is very easy if you know how next week I want to get stuck in to that pic it’s beautiful thanks for the lesson on art.  This is so amazing, I’m loving it so much. Mind blowing, I would say. A big hug to the artist. Thank you so much.

Reminds me of Bob Ross. I love the way the painting is build up…What a few dots and stripes of paint can do for a good artist. Looks easy idd but i know its anything but easy…

Snoopy Autumn phone case