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It is a democratically elected republic, NOT a democracy! Democracy has been correctly viewed as two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner. In that analogy the wolves are NOT the rich or work-ethic-driven hardy groups who wish to be left alone by busybody do-gooder socialists. thanks for the textbook (wrong in reality) definition. You do know you can’t point at any democracy, or socialist, government that worked, right? I am curious, are you saying with your reference if I am right that the U.S. is or isn’t? Are you refuting the analogy with the definition, or just trying to add that definition for little use to correct or incorrect? if they are viable systems of economy they should survive on their own. Your viewpoint is to say socialism can only survive if other countries embrace being subject to those non-free markets as well. Free markets shouldn’t want to compete with non-free markets, and socialist markets shouldn’t want to compete with free ones. I would be delighted if we could move to such a common sense world, where governments didn’t get to pick or prop up winners and/or losers. But damn, isn’t that just what socialists do? Pick the winners and losers in economy? Yeah, it is what they do… because in the 20s and 30s we began socialist practices that are now morphed into over burdening bureaucracies and expenses to keep those heavy government requirements built into those socialist practices going! Después de la tempestad viene la calma ten fe y verás q por muy dura o difícil este la situación en la q te encuentres siempre tendrá la mejor solución tu decides cuando levantar tus alas para mejorar te envío un fuerte abrazo para unir tus piezas rotas y puedas seguir adelante