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Are we being controlled by not being allowed to drive while drunk? Are we being controlled by not being allowed to yell “fire” or “bomb” in crowded areas when ther is none? Are we being controlled by not being able to shoot off our guns in a crowd? No, we are not allowed to do these things because these things are issues of public safety.
Are we being controlled because we can’t run around in public naked? Are we being controlled because we are not allowed to just drop our pants anywhere to relieve ourselves? No this is a matter of public decency.
Considering this it seems to me that all these people yelling about masks being used as a public control device infringing on their freedom or rights seem to lack both concern for public safety and decency. since you’re so against masks, make sure to tell your surgeon the next time you need to surgery to not bother wearing a mask. Since you know, they don’t work. It is not to protect the person wearing it it is to protect the people they are around…. apparently a lot of people don’t care about anyone else but their self’s.. not even their families . The masks PROTECT the patient from the surgeons germs. So masks do work. The doctors and nurses also wear masks in the hospital rooms especially right now during COVID. So please tell me about my ignorance again. the CDC and experts did studies showing that the masks can SLOW the spread of the disease. Have you done any research at all or do you just listen to the dumbass President and his goons? I’m already prepping your get well soon card after u catch a staff infection in your sterile operating room without any mask – cloth or otherwise. The guidance is wear a mask. Not a cloth one. Not one with fabric softener. A mask. Period. Bob Stockton TB is super contagious and if someone has it they wouldn’t be walking around coughing all over everybody they would be told either stay inside or wear a damn mask. I’m gonna say this.. if when you fart, it can manage to go thru how many layers of covered area…such as the behind, then theres no need to wear a mask.