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So you think this mask work face mask 1

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Why is that a step in the right direction?? You need to read the history of “ Aunt Jemima” !! Awesome lady who was happy to be the face of the brand! She was one of the first black millionaires! This “racism “ crap is going too far! Suddenly everything is racist – please look further than your prejudices people. To me these represent good wholesome and enjoyable food – I do not even ‘see’ the colour of the persons’ skin – they are icons of something good – and you all want to destroy that? Funny how people see things differently, Aunt Jamima and Uncle Ben to me is reassuring as we recognize they were trustworthy and good cooks/chefs. I would be happy to be recognizes for such an accomplishment i so I guess we all have seen it, move on. Lifes are being lost by looters n rioters and I dont care what color you are ..Police should never have to work under such disgusting vulgar citizens that they MUST PROTECT. LET DEMS PAY FOR OWN SECURITY. Uncle Ben’s was founded as Converted Brand Rice by co-founders Erich Huzenlaub and Gordon Harwell, according to the brand’s website. The name “Uncle Ben’s” began being used in the 1940s after Harwell and his business partner discussed a famed Texas farmer, referred to as Uncle Ben, known for his rice.
The image of the Black man on the box was modeled after Frank Brown, a waiter at the Chicago restaurant where Harwell had the idea, according to the website. I don’t agree with you and apparently for all these years previously neither did anyone else til now when they started all this crap up to me uncles Ben’s rice was just a name for a box of rice and aunt jamima was premaid pancake mix and mre butterworth was good syrup to pour over the pancakes nothing racist about any of them in my book !