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Where do you live in Canada? You are all full of crap but in your bigger cities, even more so. Read your own newspapers. Sorry excuse for healthcare. If you had to defend yourselves, With the size of your military…good luck. Your health care is nonexistent when needed. if you could do math, you would realize how foolish your post sounds to someone who has seen and worked in healthcare delivery and the cost of coverage and quality delivery of services. Our system costs everyone of us thousands a year to cover those who are illegal, here for free care and anchor baby deliveries, our population of nonproductive folks, etc. you are a perfect example of why Canadians think Americans are idiots. You have zero clue about what you are talking about and it doesn’t matter where I live because the health care is universal. Kind of the point moron. you really should leave conversations about health care, especially Canadian health care to the reasonably intelligent folks and spend your time focusing on the gross failure of the education system in your own community. Seems it has failed you for generations. Bryson Buzunis indeed it has failed them judging by the garbage we’ve been hearing about health care systems today. So devoid of understanding and blind to facts that it’s really quite frightening. Bryson Buzunis Canada has the 3rd best education system in the world lol America is ranked 28th I’m clearly talking about things they have no basic concept of grasping an has them up in their feelings.