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The social distancing social club face mask

The social distancing social club face mask 0

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Just watched Jeff Corwin in TV, went to Mont St. Michel, Normandy beaches. Also showed snails raised to become delicious escargot. Interesting. Reminders of our France tours. Great memories. Thanks to Rick Steves’ guide Rolinka, I had my 1st escargot. When I was in Munich, my shoes were soaked from the rain. I had another pair to wear, but leather shoes take forever to dry! I may have used the hotel hairdryer to dry the shoes. It worked, but the stinky feet smell never went away! I would go in a heartbeat. Only upside? I finally had hip replacement surgery. Since no travel, I can recover. I’ll be ready and able to traverse Europe when we are finally able to go again Got a tip for that: if your shoes ever get soaked, buy a newspaper or two and stuff your shoes with them overnight. If you have enough time to leave the newspapers in them, it dries them out a treat. Usually no stench after that, either. Works like a charm! Same here, except I didn’t have hip replacement surgery (the surgery I’m doing is on my credit-card bills from our last Europe trip). By the time we can go back to Europe, my credit cards will be recovered. Enjoying virtual travel with you. Since no European travel this year instead I am making a food item from different countries. Cooking/baking a European specialty makes me feel closer to Europe and reminds me of all the memories. Use all those teeny tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash that you’ve been saving, and pretend to be in the places you collected them! I’m using mine from a memorable trip to Florence…