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Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster

Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster 1

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Great rescue, but hard to see the over feeding that’s made the dog way over weight! If you care about her health, stop feeding her junk food and make her unnecessarily obese! They say that dog are able to feel when they’re loved and Destiny felt love from you and that’s how you two became owner and dog. She’s beautiful and thank you for your kindness. What lovely dogs pit bulls can be. So sad what happened in the UK many years ago, still haunts me now, lovely dogs and great owners torn apart simply because of the breed. Lovely lady too. Please be careful with Chicken. Surprise, and I didn’t know this, most dogs are allergic or struggle with side affects after eating it. I know my babies are so much healthier since I stopped feeding them CHICKEN. I love this story however our rescue only lived for 2 1/2 months. He got cancer yet filled our lives with unending joy while we had him. Now we have a female boxer/pit-bull we got @ 7 wks. She also has an autoimmune disease. Lock-jaw. She is super sweet and loves us equally and unconditionally. Thanks for sharing. Pitties are the best dogs ever if people would just watch them and learn to love them. You can’t help but love them if you just spend time with them. Great story please be careful of that water game, I saw a dog died on here the other day from it . Some thing to do with to much water getting into its stomach. Sherry you are the BEST! What a wonderful gift you have given Destiny! She is perfectly beautiful and your bond is amazing. You saw past her shell and filled her with love and look at her now. May you have many happy years together. Bless you both. What a beautiful pair..I worked at a shelter for years and had many babies I brought home and still bring home You are a wonderful person.