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Some girls are just born with the beach in their souls poster

Some girls are just born with the beach in their souls poster 1

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This place is great they have a huge variety and I love the mom and pop places not so commercial . We’ve been coming to PCB since 2007 in early May and it has never looked open so haven’t ever been inside but have always wanted to stop there. There were clearance signs in the windows last week. Are they closing? I have to agree!! As a teen it was all about being in town and for the last 20+ years it’s all about west end! Love it! I google mapped Thomas Doughnuts and got the street name that’s right before the shell shop so have a street name to put in your gps. I love going there. The man is so knowledgeable and friendly. I get a new conch shell every year from there!

We stay down on Laguna Beach all the time and have never went in to shop. That placed has survived a lot of growth in the area. Small Local Business, I need to shop there next time we’re down from Cullman. Been there 2 times he was a grumpy old man both times , will never go there again & im 1 street over from there. Me and my mom visit his store to bring home some shells every year. He also has made us ear rings from some of the flat shells. He’s very knowledgeable about the shells. Great spot for picking up different/exotic seashells. The owner is a wealth of knowledge. I believe he is a marine biologist and long time panhandle resident. P.S. you might want avoid talking politics, unless your views all over the spectrum.

I’ve walked and driven by here dozens of times. Closed in the winter. I’ve got to go in the next time I’m down that way and it’s open! Sounds interesting. My grandson and I checked this place out — we probably bought something but I don’t remember what ! Great little place, lowest shell prices and the best selection on the beach, no place else even close. The owner is a little grumpy and one needs to avoid talking politics but really a nice guy once you get to know him. This little place was a must stop for my granny every summer for years! Last year was my first time to stop in! I spent quite a bit of $ in there! Love the selection! Glad to see he’s still there! This shell shop is a few blocks from me. I love going in there, it’s a true slice of old Florida! Shell idea: buy a big whelk shell and plant it with succulents.