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Some girls go camping and drink too much It’s me I’m some girls shirt, tank top, hoodie

Some girls go camping and drink too much It's me I'm some girls shirt

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Anyone who still feels this much hatred towards this man, after everything he’s done for us, is choosing to be hateful. They are choosing to be miserable. What a pathetic way to live. Cheech N Vanessa Sparkes so you dont care about the economy that is still rising? You guys have thrown everything including your kitchen sinks at this guy and guess what, he’s still standing and working to bring down the corruption in the whitehouse!! You just gotta laugh that it took someone outside the political realm to fix this country!! And it just kills those who hate him that he laughs about it. Trump is not a spit and shined up politician. He has not been trained to sit, and speak on command like Biden. He has not been polished to shine and say only certain things. He speaks just the same as you do. We have hired him to do a job and at this point, we dont care that you are offended by words. Only very weak people are hurt by words. Buck it up sweety. The ride just gets more exciting! He’s opened the door so we the people can see the corruption… but up to us and those of us that care to take the steps and vote those into office that will eliminate the corruption. The protestors have been peaceful, and last night, the Metropolitan Police Department did not make a single arrest. Therefore, I am requesting that you withdraw all extraordinary law enforcement and military presence from Washington, DC,” Mayor Bowser wrote in a letter to President Donald J. Trump. there are 110,000 dead Americans and just the other day the Trump sent federal agents in to gas peaceful protesters. So killing Americans and trampling on their constitutional rights is what you consider “all he’s done for us”? And it’s because of people like Cheech N Vanessa that things will never change for the better. And by the way, you forgot to post photos of Clinton who actually went to Epstein’s private island to partake. They were called the Lolita Express.