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About 1540 calories are in 2kg of potatoes. You can literally eat as much potatoes as U want and still lose weight. Just make sure U heat and cool/heat again then cool them down for that sweet sweet resistant starch.

  • I know a lot of people harmed by nightshades, especially potatoes, because of an inability to process solanine. I certainly hope you have included a disclaimer in your potato advocacy.  yes anyone with an auto immune disease should steer clear of them and see if they have a reaction to them with AIP diet
  • This is misinformation and absolutely not what MM says about them, in case a new person is looking at the comments. Do share the science behind your claim of “misinformation” that goes against the well-being of so many including people I love who suffered for YEARS until they stopped eating fkg POTATO. Otherwise, you can keep your misleading claims to yourself.
  • Also, thank you for inviting harm to people who cannot tolerate nightshades/solanine by purposely misleading them. You sound like such a great person. Keep your comments to yourself if you can’t consider the well-being of others.

and anyone else promoting nightshades, needs a disclaimer (FYI: solanine-containing foods aren’t just nightshades, they include GOJI, ACAI and ASHWAGANDHA). If you are a person who is not getting better and sensitive to solanine, and you ingest these things, you may continue to not get better. Period.

he’s not the only person in the world to look to for health advice. He may have some useful information but a lot of it is misguided. Exactly. And not everything applies to all people. Somehow that’s difficult for some people (namely “typicals”) to accept. I love love love potatoes!! I have learned that I can still eat them if I bake and use fresh lemon juice on them. It’s a lot better than not having one now and then…

i love potatoes. but i do put plenty of gravy or butter or such on them. in the past i have even grown some potatoes. and believe it or not, they seem to taste just a little better when i grow them myself. i need to loose a little weight, so i might cut down on the toppings. i often bake them since i am sick and tired of peeling them.

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Mountaineers poster

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